Are you ready to discover a completely new technology for ice cream lovers?

Welcome to the world of TooA!

Discover all the benefits of the TooA ice cream maker:

Quick Preparation Time

Now you don't have to wait 24 hours for your ice cream to be ready like with traditional ice cream makers (with a compressor). Just select the density level, turn the knob, and wait a few minutes.

Unique Sensory Experience

Experiment with a variety of ingredients to create personalized ice creams that satisfy your unique tastes. You can use our prepared mixes, toppings, or ingredients from your fridge. Besides making ice cream, you can experiment with sorbets, granitas, and other frozen delights for an unprecedented taste experience.

Design and Production Made in Italy

In addition to functionality, the TooA Milano Pro ice maker is a true Italian design object of high quality, designed and made in Italy.


Thanks to its innovative and patented refrigeration system, it reduces waste and eliminates the presence of gases compared to traditional ice cream makers (with a compressor).

Choose the perfect ice maker for your needs!

Milano Pro

If you are passionate about the latest technologies, prefer to make 1 to 2 servings of ice cream at a time, and love experimenting with new flavors, then the perfect choice for you is the TooA Milano Pro

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If you are a technology enthusiast and spend a lot of time on your phone, then TooA Milano is the ideal option to meet your needs.

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If you usually make large quantities of ice cream for a big family or a group of friends and you value the quality and naturalness of the products, then the ideal option for you is the TooA Family

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TooA Upgrade

TooA Upgrade With our upgrade service, we can transform your current machine into the new model, equipped with all the most advanced and high-performing features.

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TooA Milano PRO

The TooA Milano PRO is not just an ice cream machine; it is an open door to a world of personalized sweetness, from today even without an APP.

From a delicate to a dense texture, the TooA Milano PRO is your partner in creating ice cream without any effort.

And the best?

Thanks to the innovative knob you can have full control of your creations without needing a phone to use it.

With the TooA Milano PRO, you can impress your guests on any occasion. Make every moment sweet, with simplicity and Italian style.

Through its selectable levels, you can get the Gelato you want by adjusting the texture according to the ambient temperature.

Whether you want a creamy wrap or a lighter texture, our TooA Machine allows you to customize the ice cream experience in a unique way by carefully combining two key factors: the cooling time and the freezing force.

The 8 steps of the selector will allow you to activate the following functions:

🍨 1 and 2 is cooling, to cool any liquid

🍨 3 and 4 is to produce ice cream at room temperature of 20 ºC to 25 ºC

🍨 5 and 6 is to produce ice cream when the temperature ranges from 25 ºC to 35 ºC

🍨 7 and 8 is for very sweet preparations or to which are added alcoholic ingredients

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Limitless Customization

Adjust the consistency of your gelato with an intuitive selector. Add a touch of freshness with a cold cream or embrace the luxury of a densely delicious gelato. The preparation time ranges from 1 to 5 minutes.

Accessible by all

Experiment with a variety of ingredients to create personalized gelatos that satisfy your unique tastes. You can use our mixes or ingredients from your own refrigerator.

Design Made in Italy

Beyond functionality, our ice maker is a true design object. The matte black finish exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for any corner of your kitchen or living space.


Thanks to its innovative and patented refrigeration system, it reduces waste and eliminates the presence of gases compared to traditional ice cream makers (with compressors).

TooA Milano

The Milano ice maker has been created for technology
enthusiasts and researchers. Thanks to the application on your mobile phone,
you can adjust the density of the gelato according to the selected TooA flavor
and monitor its preparation.

* Can only be used with TooA gelato

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TooA Family

The ice cream ice maker designed for families, with an unprecedented capacity of 800ml.
With its simple and intuitive design, the TooA Family will allow you to prepare
ice cream for yourself, for your children, for your guests, for your special

With the TooA ice cream maker, transforming any ingredient into delicious ice cream or
other refreshing treats is even easier. You can choose to go classic with ice cream,
or create new combinations like granitas, frappés, and frozen yogurt.

Choose your favorite dessert and let the advanced technology of TooA do the rest. Thanks to
the powerful motor and ultra-efficient blade, the TooA ice cream maker
transforms ice and any frozen ingredient into irresistible delights in just a
few minutes.

With TooA, you can unleash your creativity and reinvent classic flavors in a ketogenic,
low-sugar, lactose-free, or completely vegan way.

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Easy to use

Simply choose from the many flavors of the 100% natural TooA mix, put it into the bowl, and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you can fill the bowl with ingredients from your refrigerator, freeze for 24 hours, and then churn to perfection in just a few minutes. Customize your treat with our TooA toppings.

Customized Ice Creams

Create and customize delicious homemade treats exactly the way you like them. Enjoy indulgent, creamy ice creams, amazing frappés, berry sorbets, frozen yogurt, guilt-free smoothie bowls, and much more.

Compact Design

Thanks to its more compact design, this ice cream maker takes up less space and minimizes clutter so it can be placed on the countertop. With the 800 ml bowl, it’s perfect for sharing cold delights with friends and family.

Easy to Clean

The removable components are dishwasher safe on the top rack for easy cleaning, or they can be washed by hand with soap and water.

And here our journey into the innovative world is not over!

Discover more about our ice creams: unique creations, made with high quality ingredients and a pinch of imagination.

Each taste tells a story and offers an unforgettable sensory experience.

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