Made in italy

Italian express Gelato at home

TooA has patented a revolutionary Made in Italy system that can make express Gelato directly at your home. A new flavour experience whenever and however you want.

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Let yourself be enveloped by the 100% Made in Italy taste

All the pleasure of Italian Gelato

in 5 simple steps

1. Pair

Pair your smartphone with the TooA machine via Bluetooth

APP-COMPATIBILITY: recommended operating system iOS 13 | recommended operating system Android 11

2. Scan

Scan the QR Code on the back of the TooABrik via the TooA app

3. Pour

Pour the contents of the TooABrik into the beaker

4. Start

Press the start button on the machine and get ready

5. Enjoy

Enjoy your Gelato!

85g of pure taste

Portion control: the right portion of pleasure

TooA Gelato is stored in single-portion cartons containing 85g of pure taste. It has approximately 30%* less calories and fat on average than the best-selling packaged ice creams of the same weight.

With TooA you can enjoy your favourite ice cream worry-free.

Suitable for young and old alike, it is just the right portion of pleasure.

*Source: Unione Italiana Food

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