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Download TooA App

Enter TooA world and download the App from Play Store or Apple Store.

If you have an Apple device you can log in here.

Make sure you give your Bluetooth privacy consent through these easy steps: Go to Settings> Privacy > Bluetooth > Enable TooA App

If you have an Android device you can log in here.

Enter your personal details and start exploring.


  • Recommended operating system iOS 13
  • Recommended operating system Android 11
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Make Gelato

It's always Gelato time!

Once you have chosen your favourite Gelato, enter the App and tap “Make Gelato”.

Now you can scan your TooABrik. When your mobile reads the QR code, the Machine will emit a slight beep sound and the App will identify the product you chose.

Pour the product inside the cup, insert the lid and the mixing paddle and proceed by placing the cup inside the Machine and put down the motor arm.

Start the Machine by pressing the button and start dreaming!

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Eating Gelato

At the end of the preparation, the Machine will emit another sound.

Lift the motor arm and check your Gelato batch freezing process.

If you want to have a thicker Gelato, you can start an extra time cycle from the App or directly from the Machine.

Then, put down the Machine's motor arm and proceed again by pressing the button.

When the Machine finishes the extra time cycle, it will emit a sound again.

Now, the moment you've been dreaming about: take a seat and enjoy your Gelato!

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The convenience of TooA is found in the little things: simple and pratical accessories also in the cleaning process.

Just rinse the accessories with soap and water or place them in the dishwasher at low temperatures.

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