We transform the way you eat Gelato at home

A project created with great care and attention to develop a one-of-a-kind Gelato machine.
  • Designed and produced in Italy
  • Innovative and revolutionary technology
  • Easy-to-use TooA app
The TooA machine was designed with the aim of creating something unique: from a simple TooABrik stored at room temperature to a delicious Gelato.

Completely Made in Italy with an elegant and innovative design, the TooA machine can whip up a gelato in just a few minutes.

A revolutionary system with minimum execution times that aims to save energy and protect the environment too.

A machine that combines tradition and technology, is designed to look good in your home and can’t fail to impress with its innovative functions.

Just pour the contents of the TooABrik into the beaker and press a button. Now sit back and enjoy the gelato experience at home.

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