TooA: natural and sustainable ice cream that respects the planet

If you are looking for good, fresh and natural ice cream that is also eco-friendly and environmentally friendly, you should discover the TooA system!

How many times have you heard about sustainability, waste reduction and sustainable projects? And how many times have you seen these words turned into tangible actions? Very few, right? This is because today sustainability is often perceived as a mere marketing activity rather than a core business value.

We at TooA are well aware of this and that is why we strive every day to make sustainability one of our cornerstones.

In fact, our company was born with a vision of global growth through the evolution of technologies and products that benefit society and respect and improve the environment. We therefore decided to create a product based entirely on the concept of sustainability.

Our ice cream requires no refrigeration whatsoever, neither during transport nor during storage.

TooA ice cream is packaged in single-serving TetraPak cartons, which guarantee a long shelf life and perfect preservation of the product at room temperature, without the need for preservatives or chemical additives. This saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

The packaging of our products is completely recyclable, made from plant-based and FSC-certified materials. The brik is mainly made of paper and is single-serving; this avoids waste by consuming only the desired amount of ice cream.

TooA is also VEGANOK. Our aim is to give everyone the chance to enjoy our ice cream, which is why we have a product line that certifies the absence of ingredients of animal origin.

Our company is also involved in the Green Future Project, a partnership between TooA and the non-profit organisation that works to protect the planet by planting trees and preserving biodiversity. This means that for every TooA machine sold, a tree is planted in one of the areas protected by the project.

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