The perfect back-to-school ally: TooA Gelato

If you are looking for the best way to celebrate the start of school with your children, we have just the thing for you. Our ice cream will be your best ally for the return to routine. Let's find out how!
Back to School, si torna a scuola con TooA!
The time of year has come when we say goodbye to lazy afternoons and welcome the start of school. We know that the return to the school routine can be both exciting and a little daunting for children, but do not worry, because we have a treat in store for you that will make this back-to-school experience unforgettable. Yes, you guessed it: we're talking about ice cream!

Let's find out together how TooA Gelatoand the start of the school year come together to create moments of happiness and sharing.

At the end of the first day of school, gather round the table and share your moments by indulging in a dessert that will make you smile. Whether it's the classic flavour of Fiordilatte, the mouth-watering Milk Chocolate or Strawberry, for fruit lovers, every spoonful of TooA Gelato reminds you that happiness can be found in the little things and in the simplest moments.

TooA Gelato is ready to come with you throughout the school year! As the school year progresses, many milestones will be reached. Whether it's getting a good grade, making new friends or overcoming a failure, these achievements deserve to be celebrated. Ice cream can be the perfect reward for hard work and dedication, reinforcing the idea that victories should be celebrated and shared.

When children embark on their school career, it is essential to strike a balance between study and recreation. Studies have shown that moderate consumption of ice cream can be a source of happiness and relaxation. Ice cream can be a pleasant break from schoolwork, allowing the mind to relax and recharge to improve concentration and productivity.

From this year, use TooA Gelato as a tool to bond with your children, create wonderful memories and motivate them to embrace the adventure of learning that awaits them!

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