Key word: sustainability

TooA packaging is made using natural materials and is completely recyclable.

We are aware that acting responsibly in business is above all about having an impact on people's lives, local communities and our planet.

Our goal is to contribute concrete solutions to combat climate change.

TooA says goodbye to the cold chain

Our scrupulous attention to sustainability has allowed us to completely eliminate the cold supply chain of our entire production and distribution processes.

Our gelato is packaged in Tetra Pak single portions to avoid waste and preserve the aromas and flavours.

In this way we guarantee a Gelato that does not require the addition of preservatives or refrigeration, saving energy our Gelato preparations safe, nutritious and tasty.

The TooA sustainability commitment

Our today can change our tomorrow: TooA is committed to supporting some of the important global goals set by the United Nations every day. 

SDGs 3 → Our gelato has up to 30% less kcal, 30% less fat and 60% less saturated fat on average than the best-selling packaged ice creams. (Source: Unione Italiana Food)

SDGs 5 → We strongly believe in inclusion and gender equality: over 50% of TooA employees are women.

SDGs 9 → The use of non-refrigerated lorries for transporting our Gelato allows us to deliver our products more sustainably.

SDGs 12 → We carefully choose the suppliers of our 100% natural ingredients, which all derive from sustainable supply chains.

SDGs 13 → All our packaging is made from natural and recyclable FSC-certified materials. Furthermore, single-serving cartons made of Tetrapak do not require refrigeration, allowing us to break down the cold chain and reducing CO2 emissions.

SDGs 15 → We are actively making change. We have partnered with the Green Future Project, planting a Mangrove for each TooA machine purchased.

TooA for the Green Future Project

TooA wants to be more than sustainable, we want to actively contribute and engage with change.

That’s why TooA has partnered with the Green Future Project, a technological platform created to support reforestation, conservation and renewable energy projects with the aim of transforming companies and using collective action to combat climate change.

TooA supports the GFP project in Madagascar

GFP is working to repopulate and safeguard the Mangrove population along the west coast by committing to plant hundreds of thousands of trees in the Mahabana estuary.

TooA is also contributing to the safeguarding of our ecosystem by planting a Mangrove for each TooA machine purchased.

These trees play an important role for our planet: they are able to absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, therefore mitigating the effects of climate change.