TooA: the best homemade ice cream

If you love homemade ice cream and want to enjoy it in all its goodness and freshness, without artificial preservatives, colourings or additives, you must try TooA!

Every day we live our lives in a rush, between home, work, travel and personal commitments. Unforeseen events and stress have become part of our routine and we almost worry when they diminish. In today's scenario, even minutes of relaxation and pleasure have become precious and, above all, we always want them to be rejuvenating, like when we taste the first spoonful of ice cream and are pervaded by a feeling of happiness and carefreeness.

During summer days as a refreshing break, on spring Sundays to kick off the summer season, but also in winter as a moment to enjoy something sweet on the sofa at home... eating a good ice cream is really what you need to improve your days and experience the best breaks.

But how many times have you had a craving for an ice cream, opened the freezer and found nothing in the drawer? Thus ruining your break and being left with an empty stomach.

What if we told you that from today you can make a homemade ice cream in just a few minutes? You heard right, no more drawers and empty stomachs, because with TooA you can enjoy good, wholesome ice cream directly at home, whenever you want!

TooA ice cream preparations are in fact made with the highest quality, selected and controlled ingredients, and are all gluten-free. In addition, the dairy-free range is certified VEGANOK and therefore also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet or have food intolerances.

Our preparations are stored at room temperature in 85g single-serving cartons, which guarantees the right portion of pleasure and greater convenience. In addition, compared to the average best-selling packaged ice cream, they have about 30% less calories and fat, for a light and wholesome ice cream.

All this is possible thanks to the revolutionary TooA machine, a compact and innovative self-cooling ice cream maker, patented and manufactured in Italy to prepare a delicious homemade espresso ice cream. In this way, you can enjoy the rejuvenating break you've been looking for right at home!

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