Mango and Lemon Gelato 2x1 L

Prepared for TooA Family, TooA Milano PRO and traditional ice cream machines (2X1L)

Mango and lemon Gelato: tropical and Mediterranean delights.
If you are looking for a fresh, creamy and fruity Gelato, try our mango and lemon Gelatos. Made with the best ingredients: 100% Italian lemons, coming from the sunny lands of Sicily, and Alphonso mango, considered the king of mangoes for its sweet and intense flavour.

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Ingredients Lemon
Water, Sorrento PGI lemon juice (22%), Italian sugar, dietary fibre, dextrose, stabilizer: carob seed flour, natural flavourings.
Mango Ingredients:
Alphonso mango puree (40%), water, Italian sugar, dextrose, dietary fibre, lime juice, stabilizer: carob seed flour, natural colouring: carrot extract, natural flavors

In the TooA recipes you will find the ingredients of the artisanal Gelato shop. The products do not require any type of refrigeration, both during transport and storage, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Lemon: Fresh, fragrant and sunny. We select only Sorrento PGI lemons, fruits from the Campania coast, known and celebrated for their intense aroma. Mango: All the freshness and pleasure of an exotic fruit in a dairy-free Mango Gelato for a true explosion of flavor and liveliness.

I preparati di TooA contengono solo ingredienti naturali e materie prime di eccellenza.

Mango Gelato 1L

Nutritional values for


Fat of which saturates

Carbohydrate of which sugars





Energia 454kJ 108kCal

27.1g 24.3g

0.1g 0.0g




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