How to Make Easy and Delicious Homemade Sorbets

If you think the Tooa machine is just for making ice cream, think again! This versatile machine is perfect for creating fresh and delicious sorbets, ideal for any season. With its advanced technology, you can achieve professional results right at home, transforming simple ingredients into extraordinary desserts. Summer is the time for fun, and what better way to complement your summer days than with a refreshing sorbet? Today, we offer you an easy and quick recipe for strawberry sorbet that everyone will love. Here’s how to do it.


Save Time with TooA "Vegan" Mixes
If you want to save time and get a perfect, natural dessert, we recommend our "vegan" STRAWBERRY mix. Here’s how to use it with the different Tooa machines:

With the TooA Milano PRO: Put 1 brik (80 g) in the beaker and set the density to 6.
With the TooA Family: Pour the gelato base into the machine and select the "Gelato" mode.


Strawberry Sorbet with Ingredients from your fridge
450 g of fresh strawberries, sliced
75 g of refined sugar
75 ml of hot water (60-70°C)
1. Prepare the Base:
In a bowl, add the strawberries and sugar. Mash them with a fork until you get a well-blended mixture. Add the hot water and stir until you get a homogeneous mixture.
2. Use the Tooa Machine:
With the TooA Milano PRO: Put about 80 g of the mixture in the beaker and set the density to 6.
3. Serve:
Once the process is complete, you can enrich the sorbet with extras of your choice or serve it immediately, scooping it directly from the container.

For an extra touch, try adding a splash of lemon juice to the strawberry and sugar mixture. Alternatively, garnish the sorbet with fresh mint leaves when serving. The possibilities are endless with the Tooa machine! The possibilities are endless with the Tooa machine!

With Tooa, there's no limit to your creativity in the kitchen. Whether you choose a vegan mix or fresh ingredients from your fridge, the Tooa machine always guarantees impeccable results. Try it and discover how easy it can be to prepare delicious sorbets and artisanal ice creams right at home!

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