Dark Chocolate Gelato

Made only for TooA systems 2x80ml

An intensely flavoured Dark Chocolate Gelato produced with Domori Sambirano Chocolate only: cocoa from Madagascar for a velvety and full-bodied taste.

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Water, raw Italian sugar, dietary fibre, Domori Sambirano cocoa mass (5%), dextrose, coconut oil, Domori cocoa powder (3%), stabilizer carob seed flour, salt.

TooA’s recipes contain the same ingredients of the traditional Italian Gelato. The products do not require any kind of refrigeration during the transport and storage, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Soft and long-lasting, a dark chocolate rich in taste. For an intense taste we rely on Sambirano chocolate created by Domori: rich and round, only from Madagascar cocoa.

TooA’s preparations contain only natural ingredients and excellent raw materials.

Dark Chocolate Gelato

Nutritional values for


Fat of which saturates

Carbohydrate of which sugars





615 kJ /147 kcal

6,9 g 4,6 g

19,7 g 15,7 g

7,1 g

1,2 g

0,11 g


523 kJ/125 kcal

5,8 g 3,9 g

16,8 g 13,3 g

6,0 g

1,0 g

0,09 g

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