TooA - prodotti naturali e in armonia con il pianeta


TooA not only wants to taste good, but do good too.

We act to create a more sustainable and better shared future capable to raise awareness people use raw materials and products carefully.

By doing our business the right way.

We believe we have the responsibility to contribute with concrete solutions by reducing our own CO2 emissions and we intend to pursue policies to encourage resilience by combating climate change.

TooA’s packages, in Tetra Pak, allow us to storage our Gelato in the best sustainable and intelligent way. They are completely recyclable and they do not require any kind of refrigeration, both in the transport and storage phases.

The Tetra Pak packaging is offered in a single-serve portion, thus avoiding wasting and at the same time preserving its aromas and flavours. This way, we preserve Gelato without any need of preservatives and refrigeration, saving energy and making the preparations safe, nutritious and tasty.

The careful attention to the eco-sustainability of our entire production and distribution chain has allowed us to be the first one to completely break down the cold chain in the Gelato industry.

Please dispose the TooABrik in the appropriate recycling container...
... this is how the recycling loop begins.
What is "TooABrik"? It is our single-serve Tetra Pak brik.

We have not only invented sustainable recipes, we also patented a technological system, inside the TooA Machine which is able to perform a fresh product in just few minutes: from a liquid preparation at room temperature up to a Gelato ready to enjoy.

TooA Machine, thanks to the high speed of execution, allows a concrete saving in terms of energy and time.

TooA is a new experience of Gelato, different, with an innovative technology and methods of use, able to respond to people’s needs in terms of quality, time and place.

TooA is about to transform the way we enjoy Gelato at home, and you are going to be the protagonist of this revolution.

TooA for Green Future Project

TooA not only wants to be sustainable, but also wants to actively contribute and be one of the protagonists of this change.

This is the reason why the partnership between TooA and Green Future Project was born.

Green Future Project is a new online platform to support restoration, preservation, renewable energy, and tech-enabled projects partnering with different NGOs and organisations. It is a platform that offers companies committed to a greener planet the opportunity to make a difference and reduce carbon emissions.

Their mission: to simplify access to effective climate solutions and empower millions to be part of the change of reversing climate change.

Their vision: to accelerate the pace of change by harnessing the power of collective action.

Their goal: to transform businesses and empower individuals to have an active role in climate action.

TooA for “Vilamatsa Mangrove Site”

TooA embraces GFP’s project in Madagascar.

Green Future Project is working closely with our reforestation partner to replenish the mangrove population along the west coast estuaries by planting hundreds of thousands of trees at the Mahabana Estuary.

Mangroves have an enormous capacity for absorbing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, hence their critical importance for mitigating the effects of climate change.

TooA is going to plant a tree for each TooA Machine sold.

Their personalised dashboard monitors impact in real time, quantifies the amount of CO2 absorbed through the various projects, and shares photos and videos of the projects with friends and colleagues on the various social platforms and their own websites.

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