Cream Gelato
Cream Gelato
Cream Gelato

Cream Gelato

Made only for TooA systems

For a full-bodied and genuine Custard Gelato, we only use fresh Italian eggs, as per tradition, produced by Fantolino in full compliance with animal and environmental standardscccc.

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€ 2,99
€ 2,99

Fresh milk, Italian sugar, fresh cream, pasteurized egg yolk (8%), skimmed milk powder, dietary fibre, stabilizer: carob seed flour, salt, natural flavouring.
Milk origin: Italy
Gluten-free product
Milk based product

TooA’s recipes contain the same ingredients of the traditional Italian Gelato.

The products do not require any kind of refrigeration during the transport and storage, thus reducing CO 2 emissions.

Only fresh and genuine Italian eggs, for a tasty cream as per tradition.

For a real healthy, good and genuine cream, we only use Italian eggs produced by Fantolino in full respect of the environment and animal well-being.

TooA’s preparations contain only natural ingredients and excellent raw materials.

Nutritional info per 100 g 80 ml
Energy 779 kJ /186 kcal 662 kJ/158 kcal
Fat 7,7 g 6,6 g
-of which saturates 4,0 g 3,4 g
Carbohydrate 23,1 g 19,7 g
- of which sugars 21,2 g 18,0 g
Fibre 2,4 g 2,0 g
Protein 4,8 g 4,1 g
Salt 0,20 g 0,17 g

Milk, egg
Range of flavours

Range of

Convenience speed


Break the cold chain


Healthy portion size

portion size

TooAMoments - Italian gelato at home in just 3 minutes with TooA

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TooAMoments - Italian gelato at home in just 3 minutes with TooA