TooA Premium Starter Pack

TooA Premium Starter Pack

Don’t miss out TooA Premium Starter Pack! For you: TooA Machine in the new shades of pink, green and blue + a selection of 20 bipacks!

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€ 439,00
€ 439,00
Don't miss out the Special bundle TooA Premium Starter Pack!

If you buy TooA Premium Starter Pack you will receive directly at home:
  • TooA Coloured Machine
  • 1 TooA Beaker
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Fior di Latte
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Hazelnut
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Gianduia
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Milk chocolate
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Strawberry
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Lemon
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Blood Orange
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Mascarpone Cream
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Passito Cream
  • 2 pack of 2 briks Marron glacé
The TooA Machine is designed with the aim of creating something unique: from a simple TooABrik stored at room temperature to a delicious Gelato. TooA team has patented a revolutionary Machine, with a refined, resistant and compact design, able to make a Gelato in few minutes, with the same success as a classic Italian Gelato, but at home.

The TooA Premium machine will give a touch of personality and freshness thanks to its colour and matte finish: a real piece of furniture dedicated to those who value details and love to surround themselves with beauty. With the TooA premium machine, you can add modernity and color to your home space.
A machine where past and future live together, able to enhance the environments, thanks to its design, and stand out in terms of quality for its innovative features.

This is about a technological revolution which, with its reduced execution times, aims at saving energy and protecting the environment while maintaining high performance.
All you have to do is to empty the TooABrik into the cup and press a button.

Completely made in Italy, TooA Machine has been designed to push the boundaries of the gourmet expectations, creating something never seen before.

Connect your Machine to the TooA App to start the magic.
It only takes few steps: turn on the Bluetooth and pair it to your mobile.
TooA is based on a technology which makes you discover a new way to think of making an excellent Italian Gelato, whenever you want, at home.

Product Features

Weight: 9,5 Kg
Size(L x A x P ): 29,7 x 32,6 x 39,6 cm
Power: 450 W
Cable length: 150 cm
Warranty: 24 mesi