Which TooA products are Gluten-free?
All TooA products are gluten-free.

Are milk, cream and eggs pasteurized in TooA products?
Yes, milk, cream and eggs are fresh and we pasteurized them in our laboratory.

How should I store my TooABrik?
Our Gelato is packaged in Tetra Pak briks that can be stored outside the fridge. However, if you choose to keep the briks refrigerated, there is no negative effect. Once you opened a brik, it must be kept in the refrigerator.

Can I keep my TooA Gelato in the freezer?
Gelato can be stored in the freezer for 60 days. We recommend using covered glasses or cups to avoid the formation of ice on the surface.

Where is Gelato made?
Gelato is made at our factory in Italy.
What are the differences between a traditional ice-cream maker and a TooA Machine?
The main differences beetween a TooA Machine and a traditional ice-cream maker are: Tooa machine takes just few minutes to make a Gelato, you don’t have to buy any ingredients, you just have to pour the TooABrik liquid into the cup.

How should I pair TooA Machine to my smartphone?
Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile, enable the Privacy, and click on “Make Gelato”. Once the Machine has been selected, you will be asked to pair your device with the Machine.

When is my TooA Gelato ready?
TooA Gelato is ready when the Machine makes a beep sound, the start button LED has a steady blue light and the App screen shows the end of the preparation.

Can I keep Gelato inside the Machine?
No, we suggest you to take your Gelato out as soon as it is ready to avoid the heating.

Can TooA Machine be purchased outside of Italy?
If you would like to buy TooA Machine outside Italy, please contact our Customer Care: support@tooa.com

My Machine doesn’t work, who should I contact?
If the Machine does not work, please contact the customer service at tooa.com
Can I wash the cups and paddles in the dishwasher?
Yes, cups and paddles can be washed in the dishwasher or hand washed. We recommend you to carefully wash cups and paddles with non-aggressive dish detergents.

Can I make several Gelati consecutively or do I have to give the Machine time between one run and the next one?
At the end of a cycle, TooA Machine is immediately ready to make other gelato. Anyway, we suggest a 2 minute break to restore the best conditions after 6 consecutive preparations.