TooA - il Gelato in 3 minuti fatto in casa



Freshly made, authentic Italian Gelato is an invitation to happiness.
This is a story of traditions and technology at the same time.

TooA was born from a team of people who have combined technology and artisanal by creating a new way to enjoy Gelato at home.

The name, TooA, is inspired by the Italian word ‘tua’, meaning ‘your’. It is short and unique and brings to life all that our brand stands for: the simple pleasure of enjoying Gelato at home, whenever or however you like it. The choice is TooA.

The capital T and A highlight the two cornerstones of our brand: Technology – a revolutionary Machine - Artisanal – the genuineness and love for the territory that come into our tasty recipes.

During our culinary journey, we have deepened the richness of our land: from Piedmont to Friuli region, for the flavours of crema and chocolate. A more refined taste like Saffron, is the red treasure of the Apennines. The fruits of the Mediterranean and the islands immediately inspired us for the preparations of pistachio, lemon and strawberry.

Our meticulous attention to the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients encouraged us to develop gluten-free and vegan preparations: two complete variants available to everyone.

Gelato is a moment of pure happiness to share with those you love.

TooA’s dream is the revolution of the idea of Gelato: an intense and authentic experience at your house.

The preparations never need refrigeration and they are contained in special briks. TooABrik, in Tetra Pak, can be stored at room temperature safeguarding our ecosystem both in the transport, storage and recycling phases, thus helping to significantly reduce CO2 emission.

Great attention was also paid to the TooABrik size. We thought about a single-serving version respecting our mission: to offer a genuine, unique and surprising Gelato, in accordance with the indications of a healthy diet and without wasting.

Our strategy celebrates the innovative nature of the TooA Machine, and its power to transform the experience of enjoying homemade fresh Gelato at home, in just few minutes.

Come visit us!


You can find us at our Flagship Store in Milano Venezia, 8.
Phone n. +39 02 49626 666

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You can find us at Flagship Store Milano

We are in all Mediaworld stores across Italy

La macchina per il Gelato TooA disponibile anche in Mediaworld

… and in the Rinascente stores in Milan, Rome, and Turin!

La macchina per il Gelato TooA disponibile anche in Rinascente